Mistress Sharice Etoile

Mistress Sharice Etoile

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I come "armed" with one of the prettiest smiles and sparkling pair of gimlet eyes you've ever seen. I cheerfully bring to your life, that MUCH NEEDED "breath of fresh air" you've been looking for. I am the human embodiment of a "reset button". I'm bright, witty, sophisticated, funny, a bit bawdy(when appropriate-ish), alluring, intriguing and attractive! I think that a breakfast date that "magically" transforms into a lunch date because we've spent the whole time laughing, talking and connecting ...is awesome. Remember those days when you would speak and the woman you were speaking to, actually listened, responded and SINCERELY CARED about what you had to say? Yeah, I bring THAT back into your life as well. I am like water or better yet, a chameleon as I easily adapt to any situation. Being a former Cabaret performer, my Heart Belongs To Broadway, so a night of Karaoke and cocktails is definitely my idea of a GREAT time!!

I'm Multi-Faceted, I have a bit of a Sugar Baby Fetish (I want to...no...I NEED to be spoiled and pampered by my Sugar Daddy!) I'm also a PROFESSIONAL(non-penetrative) Fantasy creating Dominatrix/Mistress/FINDOMME! If you just want to share it all with someone who GETS it...someone who appreciates you for who you are... then, you've found her. If you're not looking for a "boring old affair"... but someone to fulfill your fantasies and lend an ear every now and again, then, you've found her. Someone you can spoil and have some fresh new fun with... then, I'm your companion! I'm not looking to run away with my Prince Charming but I certainly wouldn't mind getting up to a few mischief and decadence laden adventures with him every once in awhile!